About Decorative Chrome Plating

01st August 2009
The process where nickel is electroplated in order for it to cover a specific object just before it is plated with a layer of chrome is known as decorative chrome plating. Another way of making decorative chrome plated items is by electroplating a layer o... Read >

The Price of American Gold Coin

05th May 2009
Gold coins are like medals. Well, aside from the fact that they physically look like medals, people view gold coins as priced processions as well. Gold coins aren't intended to be used as a currency, but their value is greater than anything else. They jus... Read >

How To Get A New York Gun Permit

27th March 2009
Owning a gun in New York is a huge responsibility. However, it is also deemed as necessary especially with the high crime rate in some of the cities in this state, particularly New York City and its suburbs. Generally, the policies governing New York g... Read >

Urine Analysis Drug Testing

04th March 2009
Urine analysis drug testing is a fast and easy procedure to determine if a person is positive in using illegal drugs like methamphetamine and cannabis. Urine analysis drug testing is often a requirement in pre-employment medical examination, pre-assump... Read >

History of Hearing Dogs

20th February 2009
If one is to take it literally, the history of service dogs will take an eternity to tell, as dogs have been serving and living with humans for thousands of years. What is meant by history here is tracing the beginning and development of professional dog ... Read >

Who is Paul Rotter

04th September 2008
In 2005, Paul Rotter is considerably the single largest and most successful individual futures trader in the world, completing trades on the Eurex exchange primarily in the Bund, but also in the Bobl and Schatz interest rate futures. He trades between 200... Read >