How To Get A New York Gun Permit

Published: 27th March 2009
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Owning a gun in New York is a huge responsibility. However, it is also deemed as necessary especially with the high crime rate in some of the cities in this state, particularly New York City and its suburbs.

Generally, the policies governing New York gun permit issuance covers an extensive and broad legal framework that is subject to local (city) court interpretations. Basically, New York gun permit issuance varies depending on the type of the gun, whether it is a rifle (shotguns) or a handgun.

New York gun permit is required in the purchase, possession, and carrying of a handgun, while these permits are not required for rifles or shotguns, with the exception of New York City where all the required permits are applicable to any and all types of guns, including rifles. You can get a New York gun permit the easy and legitimate way with help from This site offers informative articles on everything you need to know about New York gun permits.

The site also has features about New York gun laws, which change periodically and often, are subject to various court interpretations in different cities in the New York state. Despite this, the basics governing permit requirements are in effect in the entire state. The New York State Penal Law provides the appropriate sanctions, penalties and criminal offense that may be imposed on anyone found to have positively violate New York gun laws. Get to know all of these and more about New York gun laws from this site.

Other interesting topics include general gun safety, a directory links for gun dealers and gun accessories like the concealed carry holster.


You can view more information at New York Gun Permit.

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Gary Woods on September 13, 2011 said:
Own a gun for pure safety reasons but using it may be a whole different story. Many people see it as a tough task to actually pull the trigger on someone. If you do wish to own a gun then only do so legally and abide by all laws surrounding the ownership of a gun. this article helps you to do so legally.

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